We don’t want rain on the air conditioner

My Sister gave me a call the other day day to invite myself and others for a nice long visit, however she said that she had been checking the weather reports for some time, plus felt sorry for me.  You see, the two of us have had a absolutely disappointing Wintertime season in our section plus the two of us are still getting snow and ice storms late into the final week of April, meanwhile, where she lives, everything is in bloom, the birds are singing, plus they have daytime highs around 75.  I told her that I would appreciate to come but I needed to actually stay at the house plus monitor our Heating & Air Conditioning system. It has been having troubles now all Wintertime plus I was afraid that if I was out of town, that would be the time it stopped working entirely. She asked myself and others if I had called an Heating & Air Conditioning business for their professional service plus I explained that, although I had a few estimates for repairs and replacements, I couldn’t afford them at this time. Instead, I was babysitting the proposal plus offering sacrifices to the gods that it lasted the rest of the Wintertime. My Sister felt disappointing that I was unable to visit however understood completely. Luckily for me, she had expected to pay for my airline ticket down. Instead, she applied the money towards my HVAC repair, and I was able to live warmly for a few more weeks, even if it didn’t’ include a trip to see her.

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