We do have a plan

As an employee of the leasing group that manages our office building, I am involved in all maintenance works undertaken by our corporation.  With our numerous accounts, a building could be brand new and still under construction, or it could be an existing structure in dire need of a face-lift.  My department is in charge of even the most mundane of official maintenance. Everything from tearing out seasoned faucets, rebuilding the roof, or just replacing the A/C filter… However, all these vendors are ready in case of an emergency, especially regarding plumbing and heating and A/C. My uncle works in the accounts receivables department, so he helped me find work in the maintenance division.  Since all of us are responsible for all the maintenance and upkeep for the properties, all of us call numerous vendors bi-weekly to schedule necessary works, such as plumbers, carpenters, and our heating and A/C provider. In fact, my team has our heating and A/C provider perform routine boiler and A/C preventive maintenance at every location of ours, no matter what the size of the device is. So naturally, when my boyfriend called to tell my office that his A/C had stopped cooling, I turned to our quality HVAC vendor. Then in no time at all, our number one A/C service tech had his condo cool again; his cooling system humming away with that usual hum that is greatly missed when you are laying on your couch perspiring.  I shall see that same heating and A/C service tech tomorrow at an condominium that is getting a new heating and cooling device and I shall provide him an update on my boyfriend’s A/C then.

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