We did have to wait a few years

    I have always been very handy around the house. Over the years, I’ve found very few things I wasn’t able to repair, so I feel confident that I could fix almost anything. When it comes to taking care of the house, I know my way around things. I’m a skilled carpenter, plumber, and I can maintain the yard. But, there is one thing that I’ve never put enough time into, and that’s my HVAC unit. Each time it fails to work properly, I have to call my HVAC provider to fix it, so I’m totally at the mercy of the HVAC technician, because I don’t understand the first thing about cooling systems. To me, they are more confusing than your average appliance because HVAC units have so many moving parts. On top of that, each one is different, so figuring out the rules of one A/C unit may not apply to a another system. I know that I should spend some time learning how my air conditioner works, because it is getting to be pretty old. In a couple of years, I figure that I’ll have to eventually get a new HVAC system, but I would hate to have to deal with a lot of repairs in the meantime. I don’t have much room in my budget for additional A/C repair costs. It would be nice if I could just get some basics down, then I’ll be able to help out with the minor repairs.  Since I can take care of just about everything else around my house, why not learn how to fix the HVAC system? There’s a lot to learn, but the skills would probably pay off in the long run.

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