We couldn’t have dreamed of this

Last week, I had the flu.  I spent nearly a week in bed and I thought I was going to die.  I guess that there may have been a couple of afternoons when I genuinely wished I had died, I felt so bad.  I was throwing up and I had diarrhea care about I had never dreamed could be. I was blissful that I lived alone.  I imagined our beach house reeked, however I was too cold the entire week, to even turn on the air conditioner. It was eighty five outside and I was shivering.  I woke up the 1 morning, and I felt amazing. I wasn’t sick to our stomach. I hastily felt care about it was too warm. I turned on the air conditioner and I looked in the mirror in the lavatory.  I couldn’t guess I was looking at me. I took a long shower and then the two of us took a look at the lavatory. It was so cruddy that I didn’t guess where to start cleaning. It took myself and others about more than five hours just to get the lavatory back to looking cleaning.  I stripped all of the clothing from the bed and out of our room and I threw them in the laundry. I then sprayed disinfectant on the bed. I remembered I had the air conditioner on, and I inspected to make sure our air cleaner was also turned on. I was surprised at how well the portable air cleaner worked.  Between the air conditioner, the fresh scent disinfectant and the air cleaner, within a couple of hours, our beach house was looking fresh again. It didn’t help the bags under our seat, however I can sit looking at myself and others in the mirror, now.

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