We could all use a vacation

I recently took a trip the Virgin Islands! It’s constantly lovely to get away from the yearly grind and just escape for a few weeks. Fortunately, I have a wonderful career to be able to afford to do this every single year. This is our second year in a row doing this. I usually take my hubby with me… We’re going to be married in the next year, so I thought this year would be extra special. Both of us took a cruise ship over there. Travelling across the waters can occasionally vary with the temperature as weird sections of the world are crossed to get to the Virgin Islands. It can occasionally get pretty heated outside. However, that’s why it’s enjoyable that the cruise ships have industrial sized modern heating and cooling systems installed! They even have radiant heated floors in the lodging bathrooms! Some of the waters you cross can be a nearly freezing climate. This is when the heating system comes into play. Without the modern heating and cooling equipment they have on the cruise ship, it would be certainly bad trying to sleep. Imagine freezing your buns off when you’re dead exhausted. Then, the same goes for when the heated waters are crossed. But, when both of us got to the Virgin Islands, the temperature was great! It wasn’t too hot, in addition to not too cold! You know, it was just right. It had to have been about 81 degrees in the day in addition to about 76 at night. It never went higher or lower than that at any time when my hubby and I were there. It’s almost like that island had some kind of nature generated zone control! Both of us constantly have a enjoyable time. However next year, after we’re married, we’re going to go back again. But that time will be for the honeymoon!

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