We chose only custom made furniture.

My sister and I wanted to start our own antique shop.

We took a course on antique furniture so we could choose only the finest.

We didn’t want to take a piece of furniture home only to find out that it was made of rococo and not wood. We knew the smell and the feel of real wood, and we learned how to tell French style furniture from Italian. We knew Tuscan furniture from Mediterranean furniture and we could tell modern antique from true antique. When the shopping began, we were having such a great time. We must have gone to twenty different cities, when going from yard sales to estate sales and auctions. We even bought a couple storage bins that had some interesting looking furniture. We netted over $50,000 in average worth of our purchases, over what we paid for the furniture. Our shop looked amazing when we finally got it all set up. It took us over a year to finally have our antique furniture shop set up and we were ready to open. We arranged our rooms from Traditional excellence to Transitional masterpiece and Transitional sophistication. One woman came into our shop the other afternoon and she bought a sofa that was Tuscan Beauty style. She told us it reminded her of her grandmother’s living room and she had to have it. I couldn’t believe how happy that one sofa made her feel and we offered it to her at a special discount. She not only bought the sofa for full price, but she offered to purchase any other Tuscan Beauty furniture we could find.
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