We are very happy

So the craziest thing happened at our house this week. My kids are all really into arts and crafts, and they have tons and tons of crafting materials. To keep it all organized, I bought a shelf and installed it in our craft room with different tubs and containers full of stickers, glue, googly eyes, construction paper, slime, and just about any other crafty thing that you can think of. Unfortunately, we also have a ton of glitter. I really loathe glitter of any kind, and as most mothers of small children will tell you, there isn’t much that makes a worse mess than glitter! Well, a couple of days ago, my four year old was doing some crafts, as usual, but she accidentally opened up and dumped an entire container of glitter into our air conditioning air vent return! This was a catastrophe, as you can probably imagine. Of course, before I realized what had happened in the craft room, I turned the thermostat down so that the air conditioning would come on because the temperature outside was really warming up that day. And do you have any idea what happened? Well, let’s just say that it looked like we were having a very festive party all over the entire house! The air conditioning air vent return sucked in all of that glitter, sent it through our central air conditioning system, and happily distributed it all over the rest of the house through the other A/C vents! If I never see glitter again, it will be too soon!

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