We are trying to automate the operation

I recently purchased an automation system for our home.  Now we can link our appliances to a single control, which is accessible through the internet. I’ve essentially created a “smart home.”  I can now make adjustments, check status, plus optimize operation of essential systems in our apartment through an app on our PC. This even includes  our overhead lights, washing machine, door locks, security cameras, heating system plus cooling system in the apartment automation system. From our smartPC or computer, I can check up on our house anytime of the day.  I know which rooms are empty or occupied, the temperature, humidity levels, plus whether our appliances are turned off or on. I can also track energy usage, take advantage of helpful tips, plus avoid sudden malfunctions.  I’ve noticed the biggest improvement with the operation of our heating plus cooling system. Since heating plus cooling requirements make up the biggest portion of our budget, I was hoping to trim yearly costs. The apartment automation system makes it easy plus convenient to conserve energy.  I am able to customize temperature settings room-by-room, plus avoid heating or cooling empty areas. I have programmed the system to automatically adjust the heating system plus cooling system when our family is respectfully out of the home or asleep. Plus, sensors within the home track the location of our smartPCs, also what I love is the apartment automation system knows when we’re on our way home.  It activates the heating system or cooling system to welcome us back to the perfect temperature. How it works is it alerts myself and others to the need for air filter changes or repair requirements, I’m taking better care of the Heating plus Air Conditioning system. This should help to avoid lavish repairs plus premature system failure.