We are hoping to be paid well

When I moved in with my roommates, I considered myself very lucky to have found these people to live with. All of us got along very well and we became the best of friends. I know all of us basically felt the same way about it. I have heard all kinds of terrible stories about people with their roommates. There would be all types of arguments and disagreements. It seemed that oftentimes, the source of conflict would be people not taking care of their fair share when it came to rent and utility expenses. I have heard people fighting about the HVAC system usage especially because that was the main cause of the energy bills spiking.

            Well in our place, we all were very smart with our HVAC system usage and we all took turns at different choirs around our household. There was a rotation with cleaning the dishes, cleaning the bathroom and vacuuming the household. Everybody made sure not to leave the HVAC system running when there was nobody left in the house because none of us wanted to pay more than we had to for the energy bills. We all thought about where we wanted to be ten years down the road and promised that we would all still be hanging out at that time no matter how successful all of us were.

             My one friend kept talking about how he wanted to get HVAC certified and become an HVAC service professional. I liked working on cars so I eventually wanted to run my own auto repair shop. Our other roommates weren’t quite sure what they wanted to do.

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