We are going to take a little trip down the state

If you live in the Tampa Bay, Florida area and you’ve never been to the restaurant Yeoman’s Cask and Lion, then you are really missing out on a great restaurant! When I used to live in the Fish Hawk, Florida area a few years ago, we used to drive into downtown Tampa just to go and eat at Yeoman’s Cask and Lion on Morgan Street in downtown Tampa. It has a British atmosphere, and the fish and chips that they serve there are absolutely amazing! They also have other British specialties, like Shepherd’s Pie, their special English Breakfast, and Scotch Eggs. Any one of those menu items would make it worth your while to make the drive into downtown Tampa. We had to move up north and leave our home in Fish Hawk, Florida, unfortunately. My job transferred me and so we had to go or else I had to find a new job. I really enjoyed living in Fish Hawk, which is one of the smaller suburbs of the Tampa Bay area. It’s a great place to live, but there aren’t that many great restaurants there. So that’s why my wife and I would always drive into Tampa Bay proper when we had date nights. Even though Yeoman’s Cask and Lion was our favorite place to go, there were also other great restaurants that we went to from time to time like the Osteria Bar and Kitchen over on Franklin Street and the amazing Si-Am Thai restaurant that’s just a few blocks down from Osteria. Really, if you live anywhere close to Tampa Bay, I would suggest that you give these restaurants a try!

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