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Well, can’t say we didn’t warn them. This last weekend we had a few out of town guests at our house, and we tried our best to explain the situation to them, but they came anyways. At least they came prepared for the circumstances we welcomed them into, so we didn’t have to feel quite as terrible about the subpar conditions. You see, last Friday our entire HVAC system really pooped the bed. We were happily baking cookies in the kitchen when it seemed to get about a million degrees colder in the house. At first we hadn’t noticed the temperature dip, because the heat of the oven was offsetting the decreasing ambient temperature all around us, but whenever I ventured out to use the bathroom I was slapped with a thick wall of brutally chilly air. The temperature in the hallway, the bathroom, and all of the bedrooms was easily 20 degrees cooler than it had been in the kitchen, and we realized that the heater had not been running in the house for quite some time. We had the heater and thermostat inspected by a professional HVAC technician who lived next door to us, but he was unable to diagnose the issue. All he noted was “your HVAC system is seriously old, man.” We called our coming guests and told them about the failed heating situation, explaining that we would help them find a place to stay that had a working furnace. They showed up anyways. Luckily for everyone involved, they stopped and bought half a dozen space heaters on the way.

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