We are blown away with our Wifi temperature control

I just have to tell you how fantastic our WIFI temperature control unit is! I had bought our WIFI control unit close to a month ago when our outdated dial control unit finally died completely.

The Heating and A/C machine worker that told me our original dial control unit was completely dead is the guy who recommended to get the WIFI control unit.

It partly was a sales pitch, & partly was because he wanted me to have the best temperature control unit on the market. This WIFI control unit makes everything so much simpler to take care of in terms of a control unit. To change the battery in it (because it’s also a digital control unit), all you have to do is pull the control unit off the wall, change the battery & put it back on! It slides relatively easily on & off just like if you’re taking a picture or painting off of your wall. The installation of the WIFI control unit was something that was a tad bit complicated, & not something I was able to do myself. The Heating and A/C machine specialist who sold it to me serviced the entire temperature control unit installation. That did cost a fair amount of money, however it is entirely worth it in the end! My WIFI control unit has made a sizable difference in our life when it comes to our heating & a/c machine. The next thing I need to do is replace this fantastic thermostat to a smart temperature control unit. The Heating and A/C machine worker had told me that this particular brand could unquestionably be replaced to that, but and if I ever decided to, to just deliver him a call on the phone. I suppose I’m going to do that!



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