We all know that working with other people can be difficult.

Most people can think of a time at their place of employment where they had a coworker that they butted heads with.

Most people work 40 hours a week with the same people.

These people become like a second family. Each employee has a different role as well as a temperature they feel comfortable working in. If one person decides to wear a heavy sweater on a hot day, they are going to be more comfortable with the air conditioner at a lower temperature. On the other hand, an older woman who decided to wear a sundress that day might require the temperature of the air conditioner to be a bit higher. An even more difficult colleague to please might be the pregnant woman in the middle of the summer. Multiple thermostats in an office setting can also cause conflict between colleagues. For example, if one thermostat controls more than one office, the person with access to the thermostat could disregard the comfort levels of those working in the other offices. An office with a large window might require the air conditioner be put at a much lower temperature than an office with no windows. Multiple thermostats can also cause issues when it comes to HVAC repair. If one of the air conditioning units goes out, finding the correct unit can be a lengthy and frustrating process for an HVAC technician. In order to avoid being uncomfortable in an office with many thermostats, it is best to always bring an extra layer or even see about having a personal space heater or fan in your office.


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