We all have duties

Retirement is the life for me. Though perhaps I would consider it differently if I had not worked such a physically demanding task for so several years. Yet I know I have paid my dues in life; my leisure years have all been well gained. I think I can’t say I am 100% fully retired, because unofficially I do some “advising” tasks for a couple of local real estate agents, plus I also prefer to help my neighbors when I can… These aren’t absolutely hard jobs, though; they are just ways to help me have fun plus enjoy my retirement. And my neighbors always bring a pie or a cake with them when they ask me to look at their ACs, and during the winter, bring me a mug of warm hot chocolate if you need my expert opinion on their furnace. I do heating and air conditioning task for unquestionably cheap, however only if I already know you; I don’t just drive around helping everyone for free. Those real estate agents hire me to assess plus advise them on the heating and cooling systems in their rentals. They guess they can trust my opinion, so they always use my advice when dealing with other heating and air conditioning suppliers to make sure they aren’t getting ripped off. They rest easy knowing that if I say it’s just a quick HVAC duct fix, they can take that to the bank. These gentlemen always pay me in cash, off the books. I’m happy to have my AC consulting duties. It’s a nice way to earn a little walking around cash, plus keep doing what I prefer to do.

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