Watching a movie and getting high for it

One of my favorite things I like to do is watch a movie high.

I like finding a movie known for its visual effects. I like the colors, smoking some cannabis and enjoying the ride. Thankfully I live in a state that permits for recreational marijuana. I like that there are a few recreational marijuana stores near me. I also can get legal weed online and have it shipped to our home. Periodically I am sluggish and I like getting cannabis at our door. There are times that going into the cannabis dispensary is a great experience. I like touring the different THC and CBD items. I like looking at the different ways to consume marijuana. You can smoke with a joint, pipes, vapes or hookahs. You can also try edibles, oils and flowers. The options are so vast. Finding the right strain, aroma and high that you want is pressing as well. The 1 cannabis dispensary I go to by our loft is our preferred. The budtenders are all nearby people that think exactly what I am looking for. They think about what new items would interest me and what kind of high I want. There is a particular smell and feeling I am looking for when I watch movies. I want to feel calm, yet creative. I want a bright, visual movie to inspire myself and others to paint, write and reflect. Being high while enjoying a great film just brings me so much peace. It is 1 of the easiest, calmest ways I can have a great time.

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