Was living in squalor

My mom gets legitimately upset when someone gives her gives her a present or does too much for her.

  • She always stutters her thank you’s.

Not that long ago, my spouse and I had visited her and we were shocked to find out that she was living in a pig pen. She had about 4 cats in the lake house and it looked like they were going to the bathroom inside. There was so much feces and pee in the lake house that I couldn’t believe she could breathe in there. She was dressed in a heavy jacket and it was chilly in the house. She didn’t have any heating in the home either. I couldn’t believe that she had gone downhill so badly in only a few months since I had visited her. I had considered staying in the family home, but not under those conditions. She legitimately was against when I put her in the automobile and told her to stay away for a bit. I told her I would take care of the cats. My sister and I took her shopping for clothing and both of us got her settled in a hotel room while we got the cleaners to rid the lake house smell. We got critter control to get rid of the cats and a Heating and Air Conditioning supplier to look at the Heating and Air Conditioning system. The Heating and Air Conditioning supplier was the biggest of the bills. They told us that they had to set up an all new Heating and Air Conditioning system. My mom was more worried about the cats, than her lack of heating. How weird is that?

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