Warehouse debris in the environment

I have worked at the same place for the past several years.  My job is entirely wonderful plus I consider several of my coworkers to be like family.  I work on the night shift so the bunch of us are a pretty close group. We don’t have customers coming plus going at that time so production is our primary focus.  I started having some respiratory issues several months ago plus so did some of my coworkers. We all just believed is was a terrible cold that was going around plus it would eventually run its course.  When the sickness hung around the bunch of us began to suspect that is was something in the air at our place of work. None of our family members were sick so whatever it was had to be there. I decided to talk to management plus see if they knew of any changes that had taken place recently.  They said that the only thing that was different was the current air handler that was replaced recently on the Heating plus Air Conditioning appliance. That was supposed to make the air quality better, not make it worse. They contacted the Heating plus Air Conditioning appliance dealer that had done the replacement plus upon investigation, they came to find that the upgraded air handler was more powerful plus it was pushing dust plus debris through the HVAC duct that had been undisturbed by the former unit.  The air quality in the warehome was a great deal worse plus the filter was almost completely blocked. Our manager arranged for a thorough cleaning of the HVAC duct plus after that it was much better. We are all ecstatic that it was a fixable complication because we didn’t want to have to find a different job altogether. It is rather difficult to find a group of people who work as well together as the bunch of us do.

HVAC ducts