Wanted central cooling

My parents had a beautiful beach house on the coast a couple hours from our hometown. It was a place where my family and some friends could get away and enjoy the sand and surf and have cookouts and go fishing on the pier! I was an only child, and after my parents passed away all of their property was left to me. Feeling a bit sad, I went to the beach house for the first time after it was officially mine. The old property had a number of good memories. When I arrived, the home had been shut up for over a year and was warm and musty inside. My father had many window air conditioners strategically positioned around the house. Some of the units no longer turned on.  I found the window units to be ugly, noisy, and ineffective, so I called a local HVAC contractor the next day. I wanted to get a quote for installation of a central air conditioner for the beach house. The HVAC worker came out and provided me a few possibilities, and I decided to go with the plan that was pretty middle of the road for what they provided. I knew that I would not be using the beach house more than a months weeks of the year, so there was not any need to have an extravagant system. In a couple afternoons the new central air system was installed and I noticed the difference right away. The home felt far more fresh and comfortable. The air inside was not humid in the least, and the a/c was barely noticeable it was so quiet. My family and some friends soon came to visit and they too were impressed with the addition of a central air conditioner. After a fun day at the beach and relaxing in the sun, it felt great to retire to a cool and comfortable house for the evening. Maybe me and my family and friends will use this beach house more than I had planned!

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