Want the peace of mind

Some people can task efficiently with a film playing on their cable or ipad nearby. Others can listen to music with lyrics, and have no issue keeping their train of thought when they’re now working on assignments from class. I, unfortunately, would be neither of these people! Unless it’s unintelligible speech or colorless noise, I can’t stay focused on our task to save our life. It can be a real challenge for myself and others to deal with at times, as our partner is quite the opposite and works just fantastic with the cable on, but not me! Normally I get most of our task done when everyone in the new home is asleep, even though I haven’t been able to perform at our proper capacity as a creative writer due to our air conditioning system method in the house. I don’t think what happened, however lately the air conditioning component and air handler are much louder than ever before! It’s not love the air quality is improved in proportion to the sound, either – in fact, the air quality seems to be suffering as I’m having a harder time breathing! Since I have to take deeper breaths and I can’t get any of our thoughts written down to add to our novel, I think I’m going to put a pin in our writing work until I get our air conditioning method repaired. Thankfully I have a heating, ventilation and air conditioning repair plan, so I’m still entitled to a free check-up from our Heating and A/C repair company. I’m hoping that they can abruptly locate the source of the problem, and perform the necessary repairs on the air conditioning method to keep it in superb shape. I haven’t had any problems with the air conditioning system component for this new home since the two of us moved, so I think it’s improper that now of all times, the component would be splitting down!

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