Want the HVAC guy helping us

When I was a kid, my dad had me working out in the yard from a very early age. He insisted that this approach to parenting was great for not only building my physical strength and staying healthy, but also a great way to appreciate the value of a hard day’s work. It’s not like I was throwing bales of hay around, but my dad did have me pulling weeds and raking leaves off the lawn. He wasn’t wrong about the value in that, either – with all the leaves gone, I could lay down in the lawn on our comfy grass and relax after finishing my chores. That mentality has carried over to my adult life, as I can really appreciate the work I have to do just to get through each day. I work as an HVAC technician, which thankfully has helped me save thousands of dollars on repairs around my own house! On top of access to distributors that the general public can’t use, I also have the necessary training and experience to ensure that I can successfully install any heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment on the market. Just the other week, I had to complete an extensive ductwork installation. The new ductwork ran from the central system to the garage, where I sealed the garage door shut and only had the door leading in from inside the house. I wanted to have a climate-controlled workspace to handle my little home projects, and I figured the garage was the best place to do it. Normally, a job like that would cost a chunk of change and take days on end, since contractors and technicians have other clients they have to see – I was able to get the ductwork placed, installed and cooling my garage down within a week!