Want a ductless mini split in our garage

When I was sixteen years old, my grandpa surprised me with my first vehicle. He gave me a rusted out hotrod with literally no engine inside of it. It was also ugly and pretty beat up. My grandpa’s idea of a gift was giving a project that would force me to work hard to find the prize within. He only gave Legos and other such construction toys when I was a kid. When I was given this hotrod, my grandpa provided me the parts and tools I demanded to build the motor. It was Winter, and he told me I had to have it finished before the Spring. Every evening, I sat in my grandpa’s garage for hours on end, shaking because of how cold it was outside. I was able to figure out how to build the motor with my grandpa’s help, but I would’ve given anything to have a furnace in that garage as I built that engine. That huge garage only had one small space heater which prevented the frostbite that I would have gotten without it. The situation itself helped me immensely with developing a good work ethic and a stern commitment to completing my work, but it also taught me how wonderful a heating system is! My favorite section of those winter evenings were the afternoons, when I could go take a tepid shower and relax in my heated room, before going back to the garage the next morning to keep focusing on the engine! Much to my grandpa’s delight, I was able to get the engine remodeled and placed into the hotrod and attached properly. I couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear when I heard the V8 engine roar to life. Thankfully, this beauty had a working heater and air conditioner.

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