Want a/c and fans going

I often wonder if people ever think about how much they rely on their heating and cooling systems. Personally I didn’t put much thought into this until I moved into a different house where the A/C was pretty unreliable. About once a month I would find myself calling the property owner to see if he could call an HVAC worker to come out and repair it. It became a burden quickly because I would consistently have to spend the better part of the day in the heat while I waited for the HVAC mechanic to arrive and get the cooling system back to normal. And each time this would happen, I would have to turn on my ceiling fans so that they would run at the highest speed. Plus, I would open the windows to keep the air circulating. Still, on a really hot day, it just didn’t come close to feeling as comfortable as it would have if the air conditioning system had been on. This always came as a shock to my system because it made me think about how much I depend on an HVAC unit to stay comfortable. In the past, I have dealt with A/C outages in my office as well; getting my work done in the heat was no simple feat. I recall how relieved I was when the air would begin running again. I think people should attempt to put more thought into how they use appliances like this because then we would all be moving more slowly if we didn’t have a way to stay cool in the summer season. I mean, I would at the very least!

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