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Recently, I decided I wanted to grow my own squashes as well as vegetables indoors. I hardly ever use my garage so I figured this would be the perfect stadium to set up an indoor growing space. Of course for the perfect indoor growing space, I needed a great HVAC method to keep my plants at the ideal uneven temperatures. I also needed the humidity levels to be just right. So I had an HVAC professional come to my stadium to assess the garage as well as determine what the best HVAC equipment would be for this area. She easily advocated  a ductless mini-split system. She said that I would not need any air duct to be installed as well as this type of HVAC is incredibly efficient. She also advocated a humidifier/dehumidifier combo equipment to keep the perfect humidity levels as needed. So I had these things installed as well as I was quite impressed. I set up many grow tents in my garage as well as had the right lighting as well as misters for ideal humidity conditions. I must say, with the proper HVAC as well as right equipment, I have created the perfect indoor gardening space! I absolutely appreciate raising many plants as well as wish I would have thought about doing this a long time ago! There’s nothing like fresh squashes as well as vegetables straight from your own garden! And if it weren’t for this brilliant HVAC equipment, I would not be able to do it. The smart control equipment easily is my favorite component because I am able to remotely adjust the temperature control settings as needed, as well as everything runs on a certain schedule unless I make adjustments.