Waiting for dawn so I can call the HVAC company

When my husband and I went to bed the other night, the air conditioner was working perfectly.

  • The cool air lulled us to sleep and it didn’t take long.

ABout an hour later, I woke him up because there was the worst kind of noise coming from the air conditioner. It was so loud that it was causing my ears to hurt. He jumped out of bed and ran downstairs to turn off the power to the air conditioning unit. Within an hour after the AC unit was shut down, it had become so hot that we couldn’t breathe. I was beginning to have a hard time with my asthma and I had already used my inhaler. My husband wanted to call the HVAC company right then and there, but we both knew it would cost us extra for an emergency call and they still wouldn’t get there until late morning at the very least. He asked if I wanted to go to the hotel, but that would also be a waste of money. We laid there on the bed with the fans on high, trying to go to sleep, but it wasn’t working. At about three in the morning, I was giggling and my husband wasn’t helping anything. We were so tired, we were getting silly. I finally fell to sleep only to wake up at seven. I asked him if he thought the HVAC company would be open yet. He told me to make breakfast and get him some coffee. He was calling whether they were open or not. He wanted his air conditioning back.
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