Waiting for a few degree change

My husband Brick certainly hates to use our central air conditioner, and he complains without pause about the high power bills we encounter during the Summer. Since he refuses to turn the temperature on the control machine down enough to make the air conditioner kick on, we are perpetually in a constant state of profuse perspiration. I’ve tried to explain to him that the whole reason we purchased a programmable climate control was so there could be some reductions to our energy usage. He just doesn’t seem to get the whole idea – maybe his name reflects his intelligence! If you program your control unit, the air conditioner will keep the interior of your home at a constant and bearable temperature. Waiting until it’s swelteringly hot in the house just means it takes the air conditioner forever to get the home cooled off, and it makes the air conditioner have to work way harder than necessary. If you keep your home around seventy degrees throughout the Summer, the air conditioner won’t work as hard – or use as much energy. Tell that to Brick though, and he’ll refute your claims. Convinced both of us should wait until we’re all melting before turning the digital thermostat down a couple of degrees, Brick insists his way saves money. This is certainly painful and challenging for me to put up with, since I’m hot natured. I often blame him for our discomfort as well as crabbiness, while he blames me for the high energy bills. Maybe I should’ve married an Heating as well as A/C contractor instead – they would know my way is right!

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