Visiting a custom furniture builder shop

I was truly surprised at how informative it was when I went to visit ae custom furniture builder.

I knew that I wanted some truly unique pieces of furniture for my home.

I couldn’t afford to buy all new furniture for my home, but I wanted to have a few new pieces that would bring a feeling of luxury to my home. I wanted to get a new headboard for my bed and I was hoping to get a feel of classic elegance for my living room. I thought about getting a rocker and ottoman custom made, to match my headboard. I looked at what was called Modern Hollywood Regency and I thought it was gorgeous. I took the magazine into the custom furniture builder and I showed him what I wanted. With its modern clean lines and elegance, I loved the style. The furniture consultant looked at the pictures in the magazine and he asked me about the colors. I was hooked on black and white and he drew up some designs for me, even while I stood there. I loved the look of the Modern Hollywood Regency and I knew that it was going to be perfect for my bedroom. I knew the headboard was going to cost me quite a bit of money, but it was going to be my one trophy piece in my home and it would be beautiful. I was able to go to second hand shops for the rest of my decor, but the Modern Hollywood Regency headboard, was going to be the show piece.