Ventilation and smells in a house without proper HVAC

Does your house smell poorly? Mine definitely did. Every time that we would walk into our house after being away, the house would smell awful, and it seemed like there was nothing we could do about it. We made sure to take out the trash every morning, and we kept things very clean. We even lit candles while we were home, but nothing helped. That was until we called an HVAC company. They explained the many things that can be done to help your house to smell better. The first thing that you can do is install a dehumidifier. Moisture can wreak havoc on a house, and it can cause your house to smell very musty. Dehumidifiers can remove that moisture from the air, prevent mildew from overtaking your nice house. Also, you should make sure to change the air filters on your furnace and air conditioner units. Those air purifiers prevent dust and other harmful particles from floating in your air, and when they get too dirty, they no longer are helpful. By changing those air filters out, you are ensuring that the air from your furnace or air conditioning is nice and clean. If that doesn’t do the trick, you should consider purchasing a dedicated air purification system. It does the same thing but on a larger scale. It will ensure that nothing foul or harmful will make it into your air. If none of those work, you can install proper ventilation, which would allow more fresh air into your house, forcing the musty and stale air out of your home.


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