Using the heater is difficult

Christmas can be a hard time of the year, especially if you have five kids. My wife and I have five kids between the two of us. They all live in our home full time and require love, support, and attention. When the kids write out their Christmas wish lists, we try our best to get something special for each one. Once we choose the items, I look to find the best place to buy the item. This year, I had three items to buy on Black Friday. I needed to go to the toy store, because my youngest child wanted the latest lego set. I went to the electronics store for the other two presents. My two oldest kids are 14 and 17 years old. They both requested new bluetooth headphones, which were going to be a steal at midnight. My wife and I waited outside of the electronic store for four hours, before the doors opened to let everyone inside. It was freezing cold outside, and not much warner indoors. The heater wasn’t running at all. When I asked if the heater was broken, the sale clerk said it was Black Friday. I don’t know what that meant to be exactly, but I guessed they turned the heater off or down. With cold conditions, shoppers would be in and out more quickly. Using the heater was a genius idea, because we were freezing cold. I rushed around to the kiosk to pick up the headphones. I was out of the store and back to the heater of my car, in less than twenty minutes.

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