Using a container kitchen is the way to go

Renting in Europe is a lot different than renting in America.

For years I lived in the states and rented different apartments.

It is standard to have a fully functioning kitchen when you rent. You get a fridge, stove, microwave and sink. Due to these amenities, the cost of the rental is significantly higher. In Europe, the rentals are about half the size and half the price. The kitchen is not equipped with any appliance either. What people do in Europe is that they get container kitchens. They get kitchen units all built into one block. The container kitchen I ended up getting was small enough to fit in my tiny space, but had everything I needed. It was a giant cube divided into three sections. The top portion was a sink with a counter on one side and a stove top on the other. The bottom portion had drawyers, a small fridge and a stove. It was the perfect size to fit in my kitchen space and everything could be stored in the kitchen block. Modular kitchens are much cheaper, easier to set up and easy to move. I moved around in Europe and my container kitchen went with me. It is like moving a bed, TV or clothing. You put it in the U-Haul and then set it up in the next unit. I did not have to rely on appliances that were old or not always functional. I did not have to pay a ton for something I did not want. Modular kitchens are the way of the future.

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