Upgrading to zone control in big, old house improves comfort and saves money

My house is very old, extremely big, and a challenge to heat and cool.

There are tons of small rooms, high ceilings and big windows. When my husband and I first moved in, the cost of temperature control nearly drained our budget. The house is equipped with a modern, energy efficient forced air furnace and central cooling system. However, there was only a single thermostat located in the dining room. The heating and cooling system then worked continuously to main the entire house at the thermostat settings. Most of the rooms in the house go unused. We were paying to keep them at the ideal temperature. Some of the room tend to be a bit chilly while others are always overheated. There was no way to target these specific rooms. We finally hired a local HVAC contractor to upgrade the system to zone control. The job was not all that expensive, caused no mess or damage, and was completed in a single day. The HVAC contractor installed independent thermostats in each room and dampers into the duct system. My husband and I can now direct the heated/cooled air to individual rooms. We can customize temperature to personal preferences and requirements. In the first month, we noticed a thirty percent savings on our heating bill. We recovered the initial investment within three years, and greatly improved the comfort of the home. Plus, the zone control has lessened the workload of the furnace and air conditioner. With less wear and tear, the heating and cooling system should last longer and succumb to fewer repairs.


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