Upgrading to whole-home air conditioning to improve summer comfort –

In the area where I live, air conditioning is a luxury. Our summer season never lasts longer than a couple of months. While we tend to get some high temperatures and humidity, we can manage with portable cooling units. I wasn’t overly happy with this method. Window air conditioners aren’t an ideal solution to summer temperature control.  The installation in the late spring, and removal in the fall are aggravating. The units also require storage throughout the winter. Once they’re in place, the air conditioner obscures the view from the window, and only that single room is nice and cool. The rest of the house is overheated. My biggest complaint was the open windows in the rooms with nothing but electric fans for comfort. Not only were these rooms hot and sticky, but the open windows welcomed in dust, exhaust fumes, bugs and traffic noises. I started looking into central cooling systems for my home. I discovered that because I already had the duct system and air handler installed, this upgrade wasn’t cost prohibitive. Plus, I was able to take advantage of a manufacturer’s rebate and a sale from a local HVAC contractor. The central air conditioner I chose offers a 26 SEER level, making it quite energy efficient and not overly costly to operate. It also features a variable speed compressor, which allows the equipment to adapt speed to the demands of the home and maintain very even comfort and effective dehumidification. Because of the central cooling system, my whole home is nice and cool. It stays much cleaner, smells better and feels healthier.