Upgrading to a smart control component

I recently invested in a smart control component for our home, then for the past twenty years, I’d been managing temperature control with a manual control unit.

This plastic component required myself and others to walk to the bedroom and physically turn the dial.

While it was consistently reliable, the control component didn’t provide precision control. I found it taxing to remember to adjust the temperature before I left for labor in the afternoon. Most often, I ended up heating or cooling an empty apartment all afternoon long. If I remembered to raise or lower the control component before leaving, I’d then return lake house to either an overheated or freezing cold house. Upgrading to a smart control component has saved myself and others a tremendous amount of money on our biweekly energy costs. It’s also added a great deal of convenience. I’m able to access the control component through a user-friendly app on our smartphone. No matter where I am, I can check in on the oil furnace and A/C and make changes to operation. The control component tracks energy USge, showing where I could make improvements for further cost savings… Plus, I get reminded when it’s time to change the air filter or schedule professional maintenance. If there’s a alarming temperature fluctuation or concern, the wireless control component sends myself and others a notification and also alerts our Heating and A/C supplier. Most often, these complications can be resolved through remote diagnosis. I prefer it that the smart control component features geofencing. This means that it knows the location of our cell iPhone. It adjusts temperature based on where I am, conserving energy and yet welcoming lake house to ideal comfort.


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