Upgrading from the cheapest filter available saw a huge difference on my health

I called to have an HVAC inspection the following day

I used to be terrible about buying everything cheap that I could possibly find. Whether it be a phone charger, car seat cover, mattress, or clothing, I have had a history of trying to get any conceivable product at the lowest price I could possibly find. Part of it grew out of my early affinity for the dollar store when I was a child. It was exciting to pick out several toys for under $5 anytime my parents took me there to shop. When internet shopping took off like gangbusters in the early 2000s, I discovered a trove of import products that I could have shipped to my house for pennies compared to most brick and mortar stores in my area. I spent the next ten years of my life essentially buying whatever I could from some online store or vendor, be it ebay, Amazon, or etsy. My air conditioner filters were no exception. I bought these in bulk from a wholesale dealer of HVAC parts and equipment. They were essentially the cheapest, thinnest, and flimsiest air filters that you could buy. My brother was telling me about the importance of having good air filters in your HVAC system. Aside from the impact it has on your respiratory health and sinus allergies, he explained that the filter primarily protects the evaporator coil from dirt and microbial buildup. By using the widest mesh filter on the market, a massive proportion of the particulate in the air was passing through the filter and collecting on my evaporator coil. I called to have an HVAC inspection the following day. Little to my brother’s surprise, my evaporator coil was damaged beyond repair. The technician said that he was surprised the air conditioner was still working, albeit poorly. From that day forward, I started to take my purchases a lot more seriously.



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