As of late we’ve been thinking about doing some substitutes to our house, then we’ve been here for about several long years now, plus the two of us haven’t entirely done much to the locale. Don’t get me wrong, when the two of us first moved in, most of the cosmetic labor had already been finished up and they had just done a lot of service labor on the heating plus cooling system, so for the past two years or so, we’ve pretty much been doing nothing but the least we can get away with when it comes to updating our heating and cooling system. However Last month I saw this random ad that our local heating plus a/c business was having a sale on Heating and A/C systems, however not only were they having a sale on oil heating systems and a/c units, but they were also offering very generous upgrades for all Heating plus A/C systems purchased there. Well, I’m all about shopping and buying one hundred percent local, so I called the Heating plus A/C business plus had them come out to the condo to do an estimate for us. It turns out the two of us could get a entirely nice deal on a brand new electric oil furnace unit along with a new central a/c! And not only that, the two of us could get enrolled into the Heating and A/C corporation’s daily service plus repair plan for free for a whole year, but honestly, I was thinking that all of this sounded too good to actually be true. The Heating plus A/C supplier is coming back this week for us to sign all of the papers and I’m entirely excited to be the owner of our brand new heating and a/c!

HVAC update