Updating living room with the help of a custom furniture builder

He eventually came right to the house to get the feel of it.

My living room is very oddly shaped. There are big windows, interior and exterior doorways to work around. We have a large natural gas fireplace centered on one wall and sliding glass doors leading to a patio on the opposite walls. Trying to set up a comfortable seating area is nearly impossible. For a long time I got by with a mish mash of chairs, end tables and coffee tables. The space was cluttered and difficult to navigate. There wasn’t enough seating and no good spot for the television. When I decided to make some major updates to the living room, I started by shopping at all of the local furniture and department stores. I found nothing that worked in the layout of the living room and nothing to inspire my creativity. I couldn’t even determine a style or color palette for the space. My husband suggested that I consult with a custom furniture craftsman. Although I worried about the potential cost, my husband made the point that we relax in the living room every night. Along with aesthetics and comfort, we needed good quality furnishings to hold up to wear and tear. I read reviews, found a local custom furniture shop and called the guy up. He was really helpful in so many ways. I took pictures of the space and emailed them along with the dimensions. He eventually came right to the house to get the feel of it. I could never have renovated the living room without his recommendations and insight. He came up with new ideas that allow us to better utilize the the square footage and appreciate the beauty of the fireplace and view from the windows. He built custom furniture, including a pair of couches, to create a lovely seating area.

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