Up-to-date troubles offer a compromise between friends

My insane and up-to-date remote is just pretty crazy.

The two of us have known another for some pretty long times.

The two of us know they have some personality quirks, but they’re two of us still decided to move in as well as a roommate. The two of us had things going well for a month or two until we hit the hot temperatures of July. Now the two of us want to turn on the air conditioner in our condo as well as it seems to be a problem. The two of us would prefer the temperature dial at 67°, but our roommate believes the sizzling plus stuffy temperatures of 80 are more like the up-to-date condo should be. These conditions are just exactly what the two of us were worried about in the beginning, when we thought about whether we should move in with this strange guy or not. We had a few discussions about the temperature and he made it more than clear that every one of us could not adjust the temperatures. Then one day, the guy got up as well as told us that if we would pay for half of the bill, he would allow us to place the temperature control anywhere. After those days, myself as well as others adjusted the temperature control to any place. He was suddenly not too bothered by it low temperatures in the condo as long as the two of us we’re going to pay 50 or $75 toward the electric bill during the summer. I did not add or the thought of those problems.


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