Uneven amounts of heating

The other afternoon when our wife plus I went out to this eating establishment, it was something else. This a single family kept complaining that it was too hot inside the place. Now I have to admit, there is something seriously wrong with the Heating plus Air Conditioning system in this place, as a single side of the eating establishment is too overheated, plus the other side is too freezing. I wasn’t easily sure why that was although I could think of a couple of reasons. I was thinking that maybe the air duct needed to be cleaned out thoroughly, there might be a leak in the air duct, or perhaps they just needed zone control for their Heating plus Air Conditioning system. With zone control they would be able to heat the eating establishment in zones eliminating the concern of uneven temperatures throughout the place. Each zone would just be perfectly comfortable. Of course, if there was a leak in the air duct, they would have to get that taken care of instantly. They would actually know if their energy bills were a lot higher than usual. After our brunch, I went to talk with the manager of the place. I was telling him what I thought about the uneven temperatures in the eating establishment. I gave him our take on the situation plus asked him when was the last time he had his air duct evaluated out respectfully. He seemed to not know like it had never been cleaned professionally. I thought that had to be the solution plus while cleaning the air duct, they would be able to discover if there were any rips in the air duct too!