Tug-o-war with the HVAC and fan use

When our wife and I first moved to our state, both of us stayed with her parents, however every one of us were entirely thankful because both of us needed to get new jobs in this location and have a location to stay, they didn’t even charge us any rent which was entirely helpful.

They just wanted us to be able to get work and make enough money to be comfortable on our own.

While both of us were staying, I noticed that they had a ductless mini-split HVAC system, however i thought it was the coolest HVAC system ever. When I would sleep on the couch at night, I would crank the a/c on the ductless HVAC component and it helped me sleep well throughout the night. I noticed our father-in-law would always turn the a/c off because he wanted to save money on the utility bills. This made it strenuous for me to sleep well during the night. I told him I would pay him back for the increase in the utility bills, although he said I could just use a correct stationary fan to remain cool, so I was using the fan to help me sleep well during the nights, and even early in the afternoon, our father-in-law would turn off the fan! The fan uses a lot less energy than the HVAC of course, so I just would turn the fan back on until I was ready to get up. It was a little bit of a tug-o-war with the fan use, but it didn’t matter because eventually our wife and I got jobs and made enough money to get our own location!


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