Trying to sell car; fan won’t push air out

Of course I couldn’t just resolve this problem once plus for all… Instead, I’m going to have to drive out this entire ordeal for another many weeks, so it seems, then yes, I’m talking about listing things on Craigslist, then specifically, I have a vehicle that I need to sell, then for about 6 weeks now, this car has sat in my driveway serving as nothing other than an eyesore, and every morning when I look out my window, I cringe when I see this ugly car, but however, I have not been able to sell it thanks to concerns with my ex-partner.

Finally, I got him to sign the title last week, plus I thought I was ready to offload this baby once plus for all! Nope. Instead, the world threw a new problem at me… When the potential shopper asked about the onboard heating plus cooling system, I told him the truth; it worked great for me in the middle of Summer heat or Winter freeze. However, by the time she came to check out my car, that was obviously not the case anymore. When she sat down to drive the old beast, both of us couldn’t get the indoor air to change 1 degree; There was no heat or A/C in the vehicle, because there was no air coming out the vents. It seemed care about the fan stopped laboring entirely. Every one of us couldn’t control the air temperature whatsoever. The Winter air froze our fingers as both of us messed with the thermostat dial plus poked under the hood. In the end, both of us almost got frostbite plus the shopper quickly passed on the vehicle to find a cooler deal.