Trying to get in one last trip

My brother and I usually go camping a few times during the summer. My brother has an RV, and I have a boat. Together, we make a pretty good team. Since we can’t haul an RV and a boat at the same time, it works out well that we each have one. I haul the boat behind my Dodge Ram, and my brother calls his RV with a decked out Ford F250. We usually go to the same area, where there is a superb amount of saltwater fishing. We decided to make one last hurrah at the end of September this year. The temperatures were a little bit cold, but we had an RV. We had no reason to worry. My brother and I spent the day on the water, and we pulled in a few black tip sharks. They weren’t big enough to keep, but they made fishing a very fun day. When we came back to the RV, we realized that the heating equipment wasn’t working. I asked my brother if he filled the propane tank before we left. My brother forgot to fill up the propane tank, and the heating equipment would not work without fuel. Luckily, we found a an open gas station that could exchange our propane tank. We got back to the RV just before Starke. We hooked up the propane tank and the heating equipment came right on. It would have been a chilly night without the heating equipment, but we would have managed. Still, I was glad to wake up in the morning to a Warm and Cozy atmosphere.

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