Trouble with the law

When my wife and I had to attend a funeral, we decided to leave our two boys home alone. At the time, they were 15 and 17 years of age. My wife and I thought they would be fine for 24 hours. My wife and I left on Saturday morning, and the boys were eating breakfast. Jacob was planning to spend the day with his friends, and Dylan was going to work on a school project. My wife and I told the boys they could not have friends over to the house, and we asked them to obey all of our rules. My wife and I attended the funeral on Saturday afternoon, and we decided to stay overnight in the city. Around midnight, my wife and I were sleeping in the hotel. My phone started ringing and it didn’t stop. I picked up the phone, and it was our city police department. They picked up Jacob and Dylan, and they were holding them until we could pick them up. Jacob and Dylan were caught trying to break into an A/C repair shop. The police caught them, when the silent alarm at the A/C repair shop was triggered. My wife and I were four hours away at the time, and we couldn’t get to the police station until the morning. The officer agreed to lock them up separately, until we could arrive in the morning. My wife and I packed up all of our things and headed back home. I have no idea what prompted this kids to break into an A/C repair shop, but we grounded them for a full month. The kids were very lucky that the owner of the A/C repair shop didn’t press charges.

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