Traveling is Easier with Technology

My family relocated to Tampa, Florida when my brother and I were just entering middle school.

The two of us lived previously in a rural, small community, which made moving to Tampa, Florida a shock.

It was so small that it only had one gas station, one traffic light, along with one grocery store! Back then, my brother and I didn’t have cell phones with navigation systems. When the two of us were were studying the rules of the road, we got ourselves lost in Tampa, Florida more times than I can count. My brother was the first of us to get his driver’s license. Shortly after he attained his license, our mom let him drive us to the Springs for the day. At that time, all we had was a map in the car. I guess the two of us made a wrong turn along the way and didn’t realize it until it was too late. My brother plus I were lost for what felt like hours, and didn’t actually make it to the springs. My brother and I drove around South Florida for most of the day, before it was time to turn around and head home. When we found the main highway, my brother and I decided to head back to Tampa. Online resources like navigation systems and maps have made driving so much easier these days. My brother and I had to navigate using an actual Atlas and our memory. These days, my children can use their personal phones along with a navigation plan built into their vehicles. I don’t even know if my kids understand a paper map. It seems like the map industry has evolved quite a bit! Unfortunately, my kids have learned to be more dependent on their phones and less dependent on their minds.