Traffic nightmare

I really hate being stuck in traffic. In fact, it’s probably one of my biggest fears and anxieties. I always worry that I will get stuck in traffic and run out of gas. It’s never happened, and I don’t even let my vehicle come close to empty. Still, I worry all of the time. Last weekend, I was stuck in traffic for 5 hours. I was traveling on the Beltway, when I saw it traffic begin to slow. As soon as I rounded the bend, I saw slow moving traffic for a mile or two. I couldn’t see anything except cars for miles. I was on my way home, so at least I wasn’t late for a meeting or presentation. I spent several hours moving a foot or two every couple of minutes. By the time I got close enough to view the problem, I saw a pretty horrific crash. Two small cars and an HVAC work truck collided on the Beltway. I couldn’t see who was at fault, but the cars and the HVAC work truck looked mangled and destroyed. I saw two emergency service Crews on the scene, and I also saw an ambulance still treating folks. They were hauling away the HVAC work truck, by the time I passed by the scene of the accident. Everything was cleaned up from the freeway, but I could see pieces of vehicle debris scattered all over the median. When I arrived home, I checked the news for reports on the crash. Luckily, everyone involved in the crash sustained minor injuries.

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