Touring several places

I know many people have to deal with the grind of a 9-5 position. But not me. I am lucky to say that I have escaped that particular hell. In fact, I am a professional blogger. I set my own hours every day and only work on what I want to tackle. I also have my own video series documenting everything from beauty tips to awesome hole in the wall eating establishments. I am a man who truly likes to be out and about all the time! I don’t honestly spend that much time at home. I live in a pretty small apartment with the basic necessities. I will say, I did insist on going and finding a site that was replaced and that had much newer HVAC than my last home. I appreciate my air conditioning, otherwise the overwhelming heat and humidity frizzes my hair, and so now just try to imagine my dismay when my absolute preferred cafe decided to just work to save some extra cash by installing a window wall with sliding garage door. They now keep it open all warm season instead of going and turning on the air conditioning. I spent almost every day at this cafe working on my writing! Where is all this coffee money going if not for the HVAC! Don’t they know that it’s important to be comfortable to their customers! The worst section of it is, I actually seem to be the only a single that cares! After another day of bad hair,  I needed to find a modern hang-out spot. Clearly it was a fact that that site wasn’t right for me.