Top Secret plan

Did you ever try to surprise someone with something really special and have it ruined? It seems that this has been the case my entire married life because my wife somehow seems to discover everything that I plan. I have gone to great lengths to try to plan things and it always seems to be something that she’s expecting. Her boss told her that she was going to have to go out of town for a two week trip and I decided to do something she would never expect. She works really hard and is constantly exhausted so I wanted to give her a retreat of her own right in our own house. I made arrangements for an HVAC specialist to show up the day that she left so that we could discuss plans to make a spa-like room for her. I wanted it to have its own temperature control, radiant flooring, and a built-in sauna. He was able to design a system that would run off of a single boiler and supply all three of these things for her at the same time. We arranged for the installation to happen within the next couple of days so I would have time to have a decorator come in and finish all the final touches. She would never suspect that I was turning our small spare bedroom into her retreat room and I knew it would surprise her when she got back. The project was finished about three days before she returned and it was everything I could do not to let her in on the surprise. When she arrived home I blindfolded her and walk her through the house to show her new space and she was thrilled. I was thrilled but I was finally able to pull off a surprise.

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