Too much cough medicine, not enough warmth

There is nothing worse to me than getting sick. While others pick up a cold or maybe the flu itself every few months, I get sick one time a year – and it’s always in March. Every year, right before Spring begins, I get the worst sinus infection, usually in combination with a severe flu. That of course means there’s shakes to follow, and in turn I end up going back and forth between too hot and too cold. No amount of cold and flu medicine will fix it either! So, my only hope is to draw a warm bath and try to sweat out the sickness. Aside from sitting in a hot shower several times a day, I’ll also run the electric furnace in my house to keep it as warm as possible indoors. The indoor air quality tends to suffer as the humidity dries out, but then I just use a humidifier in the bedroom once I’m out of the bathroom. While it stinks that I’m having to miss work, fall behind on my tasks and end up with a ton of catch-up to do, I also end up paying a pretty steep heating system bill as well. Before long, I find myself with an electric bill that’s well over one hundred dollars higher than usual. It’s times like that where I wish I had invested in a radiant heated floor system, as that would’ve allowed me to keep my home nice and toasty without using thousands upon thousands of kilowatts in energy over the past few days!

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