too cold to work on the heat pump

Leo works as a plumber in the east. Most of the plumbing people are also certified to work on heating plus ventilation tech as well. Leo can work on anything. There is heating, ventilation, air cooling, or refrigeration equipment. Leo can also deal with all of the duties of a certified plumber. Leo has been in the company since he was 21 years old. Leo called this day to tell me a weird tale. Leo was shocked to have tasks on a morning when the quickly changing hot plus cold temperatures were below chilly. Leo did not want to work on that day due to the cold. But, the owner insisted that some tasks needed to be completed. One of those tasks was fixing up a heat pump in the chilly air. Leo drove to the task plus inspected the heat pump. Leo took off his gloves so he could handle the pieces of metal on the heating plus cooling system. When he tried to put his gloves back on, he noticed the metal from the heat pump was stuck to his hand. When Leo tried to remove the metal from his hand he noticed the complication was severe. Leo carefully removed the heat pump and his hand,  but he lost a immense chunk of his skin as well. Leo was honestly angry, plus he called the owner of the company. The guy thought Leo would just keep working on the heat pump. Then Leo sent him a few pictures.

ductless heat pump