Tired HVAC repair technician

My husband and I have three handsome young men, and they are all in middle school and high school. All three of the kids are busy with after-school activities, and my husband and I are constantly attending band recitals, sporting events, and plays. Last Thursday, my husband and I left the house at 6:30 in the morning and didn’t get home until after 10 at night. Between work and after-school activities, our day was extremely busy. When we got home and found a cold house, our day became even longer. My husband tried to fix the HVAC system, but he didn’t have any luck. It was late, but our HVAC provider has emergency 24-hour services. My husband called the HVAC provider and left a message with the answering service. A few minutes later, a young man called and asked us a few questions about the HVAC system. He told us that it would take an hour, but he was on the way. My husband and I waited and waited, but the HVAC technician never showed up. We called the answering service again, and she paged the HVAC technician. He called us back after a few minutes. He apologized immensely, because he fell asleep. He assured us that he was already on the way. He showed up 30 minutes later, and he looked half asleep. Luckily, his sleep deprivation didn’t affect his ability to fix our HVAC system. We even received a 20% discount for the delay. The technician performed the repair, and we had heat after a few minutes. I’m glad that we didn’t need to replace that expensive equipment.

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