time to check for radon

When I first got a job as a realtor, I had no clue what was involved with the regular house inspections.  I wasn’t knowledgeable in how much testing was required for pre-purchase inspections. I was extremely fascinated with the procedure.  I followed the inspector around while he checked every system out. I asked a whole bunch questions and I am guessing he wanted to tell me to go away & leave him alone.  I watched him pull out testing dishes & set them around in the basements plus attics. I knew nothing about radon before I became licensed as a realtor. I realized how radon could impact the health of the house and tenants.  I found out that testing for radon was an easy thing to complete. The radon test is typically performed in the lowest area of your house, normally in the basement, and left in the locale for around an hour, to be accurate. The most proven form of testing leaves the monitor in place in the house for several hours.   Once the test is finished, if it reads below a four, the house is safe from radon levels. A rating higher than a 4 suggests higher than acceptable concentrations of radon and requires a radon mitigation unit to be installed. It can cost between $1000 & $2000 to have the radon mitigation system implemented, but it’s necessary. The equipment effectively eliminates the risk of radon poisoning, making it a worthwhile investment.  I recommend radon testing to anyone who is looking to buy a home.

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