This year, we bought a new home

I can’t believe how excited my husband and I are.

We will finally be moving into our new house in about a week.

It has been such a long time coming, that we didn’t believe this moment would ever arrive. We got to pick out our own heating and air conditioning system, along with all of our own appliances and the type of thermostat. Naturally my husband chose to get a Smart Thermostat for our home, but I got to pick out what kind of heating and air conditioning I wanted. At first, I thought that radiant heated flooring would be nice. I gave it a lot of thought and I even looked at all of the reviews. I knew we would also need to have heating for the bedrooms and kitchens, because I really only needed radiant floor heating in the bathroom. I soon dumped that idea and looked into traditional heating and air conditioning. Central heating and air conditioning was a big turn off for me. I didn’t like the idea of all of the ductwork in the walls and the ceilings. I knew how dusty my mom and dad’s house was and that we were always suffering from allergies. Dad had to do a lot of work getting the air filters changed and cleaning out the air vents, not to mention the annual cleaning of the AC unit and the furnace. I decided that I wanted ductless mini split heating and air conditioning. Now, our home is almost ready to be moved into.

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